Friday, May 12, 2006



How do you usually hold conversations with a technical person? Do you follow a plan? Or do you hold it like a normal one? If you're in the technology industry, communication is an important aspect of the operations. If you can communicate better with your peers/colleagues, you basically have 50% of your work done. However, not everyone has the best communication skills in the work place.

The perennial question in IT companies is how do you bridge the divide between the sales group and the tech group. What type of communication breakdowns usually occur? Are there any verbal or written cues that you should look out for? Is there more to it than meets the eye (or ears)?

In the next few posts, I shall discuss the many different issues interpersonal communication issues and problems in the technology industry especially in the small group sense. In the later parts, I shall outline the many pitfalls that non-technical people encounter when talking to technical people.

What you say and mean is not what I necessarily hear and understand.

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