Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Strongly Motivated to Succeed.

When considering agility in terms of creating products, motivation is one very important aspect of being able to work on something effectively. Getting motivated to start working on something is easy, but keeping yourself motivated to succeed is another issue all together. Most of the times, getting motivated to start is easier than keeping at it.

Have you ever heard the phrase "keep walking"? It might be a rip-off of a liquor ad, but that's something easier said than done for a few reasons:

The challenge for IT companies (managers, supervisors, developers, and decision makers) is how to keep the work force motivated so that you achieve the goals already set. The even greater challenge is adapting to the change induced by a lot of external forces while contending with available resources and targets.

Just like altruism, being driven is something in-born to a person (or developed over a period of time) but it can be a quality which an IT company can adopt to not only project an image of passion and committment, but also as a means of motivating the work force to become productive as a part of the company.

The ends justify the means -- but when the ends change, the means change. When walking, keep an eye on the destination and the other on the path.

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