Thursday, March 23, 2006



I have decided to come up with another blog just for keeping tabs on my consulting services for Third World IT Companies. The clients I have aren't really third world companies, but they are companies that are here in the third world.

Now just to set the rationale of the blog, I've written down the bullet points and main issues I will be tackling in this blog. These are the basic assumptions (and constraints as well) that will lay down the foundation of subsequent posts and articles on this blog.

This blog is about experiences, tidbits, tips and tricks, and bite-size articles about Agility in Business -- especially in the business of making software.

You may email questions, suggestions, stories, and comments to dean [at] orangeandbronze [dot] com -- input is most appreciated.

Dean Michael Berris is a resident C++ consultant for Orange and Bronze Software Labs and is doing software development and project management consulting for a number of IT companies in the Philippines. He pushes Agile Software Development Methodologies along with his partners Calen Martin Legaspi and Butch Ladingin to various IT companies in the Philippines.

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